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First Annual

Friends of West Seattle Elementary Fundraiser

By March 1st, 2023, West Seattle Elementary (WSE) aims to raise $50,000 to seed its newly established Parent Teacher Organization (PTO): Friends of West Seattle Elementary (FOWSE). The newly established PTO needs funding to support WSE students in their academic success and won’t be able to meet their goals without YOU! 


WSE is a community school in the truest sense. Over 80% of our students live in low-income housing within a half-mile of the school and over 83% qualify to receive free or reduced cost lunch. WSE student body is very diverse with 90% students of color and 30% English language learners. Many of our families are former refugees and have experienced generational trauma and hardships that have created barriers to equitable access to services, including education, yet academic success is highly valued. Access to educational enrichments have proven to be difficult to attain for families of poverty due to parents working atypical hours, language barriers and the lack of understanding of the American educational systems. Because of these barriers, it is paramount that WSE provide equitable access to opportunities, power, and resources for all learners regardless of their background. 


To reach our lofty goal in just 82 days, we are turning to community members and business owners for help. Donations are tax-deductible and will be used to: 


(1) Fund additional teachers for the 2023-24 and 2024-25 school years; to keep class sizes small when district budget cuts occur. For example, this school year, WSE has some classrooms with over 26 students due to fewer teachers being allocated by the district as a result of district-wide enrollment declines. Unlike other schools in the Seattle Public School District, WSE has not been able to rely on funds from a parent group, like a PTA or PTO, to cover the cost of adding additional teachers in the event of budget cuts.


(2) Host engagement activities; to enable FOWSE to create shared, meaningful experiences, like pizza parties, spirit days, and staff appreciation events for students, staff and their families that may not otherwise be possible without outside funding.


 (3) Provide classroom supplies and cover field trip costs; to support, encourage and equip teachers on the front-lines delivering an invaluable education and experiences to underserved populations. 


Please consider making a one-time or recurring donation to support Friends of West Seattle Elementary in providing equitable access to opportunities, power, and resources at West Seattle Elementary. Any contribution helps ensure students, regardless of race, background, socioeconomic status, receive the best education possible.

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